Tzatziki Dip

cucumber dip

Tzatziki is an amazing tangy dip or sauce that goes so well with so many things. Plus its so simple and healthy. Its so quick to make you wouldnt bother buying it. And when you make it yourself you can change it up a little every now and then. I sometimes put corriander instead of mint or use a combo of both. Ive seen recipes which have added honey, and I think I might try that next actually. But you can add different spices also.Continue Reading

Preserved Lemons

Preserved fruit

This is my first attempt at making preserved lemons. Yes extremely easy I know lol. But its also my first attempt at cooking and eating them, the scary part.

I’m an absolute lemon addict, why have I never tried this before. I cant wait until they are ready to use. So Im on the hunt for preserved lemon recipes to test out my preserved lemons. My husband on the other hand can wait lol. His not so excited about lemons as I am. When ever he sees them on the kitchen counter ready to be used in a recipe he walks past saying ‘ not too much lemon in mine” lol…

Ok so maybe I have gone overboard in the past with lemon lol. Maybe thats why his always scared. I cant help myself, I love it! Sweet, savory, anything, I even just love it in my water.Continue Reading