Herb and Garlic Pita Chips

lebanese bread chips

Quick healthy AND tasty alternative to crackers. These take about 15 minutes and while their in the oven you can whip up a pot of fresh tzatziki to dip them in. Yes you will have serious garlic breath between the two, but who cares about that. You will only need 4 ingredients for these chips, pita bread, olive oil, garlic powder, and mixed herbs, they are that simple. But I have included the recipe for  tzatziki also because they just go well together.Continue Reading

Crumbed Avocado Chips

avocado chips

I’m on a search for avocado recipes as our tree has finally started to produce some awesome avocados. Which is great as avocados can be so expensive sometimes. And anything thats homegrown is always better. I really liked these with the crunchy outside and creamy inside. But you can’t eat a lot as they are a bit rich. I’ve managed to turn this healthy fruit into something unhealthy lol…

Now Bens review (my extremely unhealthy husband, thats convinced hes allergic to all fruit and veg Im sure lol). He was disappointed as when he bit into them he was expecting chicken. Its like the food was lying to him in some way OMG.Continue Reading