Coriander and Yoghurt Chicken

marinated chicken recipes

A really easy and fresh summer dish. This amount of spice suits me, but if your feeding kids you might want to leave out the chilli. I also used store bought chapati bread. But if your feeling adventurous why not make your own.

Im not sure how hard chapati bread is to make as i’ve never made my own. It is on my to-do list. (along with a thousand other projects lol)

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Chicken and Cabbage Stir Fry

cabbage recipes

Now I know this doesn’t look that appetising, especially when its main ingredient is cabbage. BUT its actually really nice. My tip is don’t cook your cabbage for long, leave a little crunch. Unless you like it cooked a little more. I know my mother likes to cook the life out of her cabbage, well I know she used too lol.

I am on a health kick at the moment, and trying to consume 1200 calories per day. I think rabbits consume more than 1200 calories per day, REALLY!

But anyway this is really low in calories.

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Creamy Paprika Chicken with Mushrooms

chicken and mushroom recipes

This Is a yummy filling pasta that doesn’t take very long to cook at all. Very minimal cooking steps.

The reason for mentioning this is one of my friends told me that if there is too many steps, its just too scary lol. As someone that loves to cook I never realised this before lol. Will have to start taking note of this from now on. But then again my sister freaks out if there are more than 4 ingredients lol. But thats another story lol.Continue Reading

Chicken Dumpling Soup

dumpling soup

A nice soup with tasty little cheesy dumplings. It doesn’t look too exciting but its a nice soup. Then again what soup does look exciting lol.

This is also one of the reasons I wanted to start a cooking blog. Because I’m not a chef or food photographer or photoshop expert!. And this soup looks nothing like the picture in the magazine which is always a little disappointing.  Their just lucky it tasted nice. Continue Reading

Lemon Chicken

lemon chicken I’m an absolute lemon fan, and recently we had an abundance of lemons. So I went on the hunt for lemon recipes, and this would have to be my favorite. I’m not a huge fan of my local take away Chinese restaurant. But this is the best lemon chicken Ive ever had. Its so worth the extra effort to make this than buying lemon chicken from your local take away. And when I say the extra effort, its not even hard to make.Continue Reading

Chicken and Vegetable Soup

chicken and vegetable soup

A hearty soup would have to be the best way to get veggies in your diet without noticing. This yummy soup is packed with veggies, even the ones I hate, and I can’t even tell. And when you make a big batch of soup like this its great to take to work for lunch the next day. Well thats what I do, I always take the left overs to work for lunch. A quick zap in the microwave and lunch is done. And your saving money too. A cafe lunch is just too expensive to have everyday at work. Continue Reading

Tandoori Chicken Wraps

tandoori chicken wraps


These are so yummy and healthy. But honestly you wont even notice your eating healthy. Although my husband did ask where the cheese was. ARRRHHHH. Yes if its a wrap, burger or sandwich, its just not complete without cheese as far as he is concerned lol.

Now I love my cheese, but this does NOT have cheese on it. Unless your my husband, who, YES put cheese on his tandoori chicken wrap. I think you get that little bit of creaminess from your tzatziki. It adds such a cool and refreshing flavour next to the tandoori chicken.Continue Reading

Chicken and Feta Risoni Salad

chicken, feta and pea salad

As a huge mint fan I loved this. Their are a lot of flavours happening, but they all work together. The salty feta and the fresh mint, with a little burst of sweetness from the peas. And this is another really easy one and healthy.Continue Reading

Cashew and Coconut Chicken Curry

chicken curry recipe

I really loved this curry and no complaints with the husband neither. It was not too hot, I’m not a lover of too much heat. This was perfect for me. A really nice spice mix, and the baby spinach was a nice texture through the curry. It also adds that little bit of veg that we all need. You could cut the spinach up a little if you like to hide it a little more.Continue Reading

Chicken and Apricot Hot Pot




This is great winter dish, very similar to apricot chicken. Its not quite as sweet as traditional apricot chicken, and has a few more veggies added which is always a plus. So it doubles as a good veggie hider, always a good thing in our house. I even hate carrots but I cant even taste them in this. I think its the sweetness of the apricots that hides it so well. I’ve always been an apricot chicken fan, i love that sweet sauce. But I was watching Master Chef the other night and the challenge was to reinvent apricot chicken because of this dreaded gluggy sauce. WHAT….. I’m a lover of this gluggy sauce. I had no idea what they were talking about. Pffft, but I’m not a chef.Continue Reading