Cottage Pie Potatoes

cottage pie potato recipe

Delicious winter food….I love mashed potato and cheese, the perfect combo. Not so great for the waistline…

We only have a family of 3 so with the leftover mince its just perfect on toast for breakfast the next morning.

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Curried Sausages

curried sausage recipes

If you love curried sausages you will like this recipe. Im not trying anymore recipes this is the one for our family. Not to spicy and not too greasy. With this recipe boil the sausage first and it removes so much excess fat

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Mexican Pulled Beef

mexican recipes

Cooking the meat very slowly like this makes it so tender in just falls apart. A great throw in the middle if the table and make your own dish. I like meals like this where everyone puts there own together.

This makes a large amount of meat. So if you have left overs. You could use it the next night for mexican spuds YUM. Bake your whole potatoes, slit them open then top with a dob of butter, your beef and salsa left overs, then a big dollop of sour cream and maybe even a sprinkle of cheese. mmmmm that sounds better than the wrap hay lol.

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Beef and Beer Hotpot

beef casserole

I’ve been doing a lot of casseroles and hotpots over winter but when it comes to taking pictures of them its hard to make them look pretty, especially when I’m not a professional photographer or chef lol. Im just a mum who loves to cook. But I’m learning how to make things look prettier, slowly lol. And having fun doing so. This one was tasty and packed with hidden veggies. I’m not a big user of beer in cooking because I dont even drink it. But it goes well in casseroles. This hotpot was actually nicer the next day, they usually are.

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