Chicken and Cabbage Stir Fry

cabbage recipes

Now I know this doesn’t look that appetising, especially when its main ingredient is cabbage. BUT its actually really nice. My tip is don’t cook your cabbage for long, leave a little crunch. Unless you like it cooked a little more. I know my mother likes to cook the life out of her cabbage, well I know she used too lol.

I am on a health kick at the moment, and trying to consume 1200 calories per day. I think rabbits consume more than 1200 calories per day, REALLY!

But anyway this is really low in calories.

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Spanakopita Pie with Capsicum

spinach pie recipes

This recipe really surprised me, I wasn’t going to cook it as I’m really fussy with spinach dishes because I actually don’t like spinach. Well silverbeet anyway, I actually love baby spinach in all my salads.

The best may to describe the taste of silverbeet would be DIRT. lol I hate the stuff. But it is really good for you, so I was really happy to find this recipe and LOVE IT!

This pie has a perfect balance of herbs which takes that silverbeet taste away. Especially the mint, one of my favourite herbs.

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Lamb with Chargrilled Vegetable Couscous

vegetable couscous

Another quick and easy dinner, something that I’m always on the hunt for.

Im just starting to get used to couscous, I have not been a huge fan of this grain. But I know its healthy for you. Much better than pasta. So I always go a little crazy with the herbs and accessories lol..Continue Reading

Couscous and Red Kidney Bean Burgers

vegetarian burger recipes

Im always on the hunt for a nice veggie burger in the hopes of converting my unhealthy husband. He eats them but complains while eating lol. He didnt complain too much about this one, which is great. But as I’ve made this vegan friendly I couldn’t post a picture of his burger. Oh yes it was loaded up with cheese, sour cream and sweet chilli sauce (no salad might I add). So he turned my healthy veggie burger into a not so healthy veggie burger. Continue Reading

Pumpkin, Fig and Chickpea Salad

pumpkin recipes

This is a really filling salad. And its also a sweet salad which I loved. Im a fan of figs and they were a really nice combination of flavours with the spices and coriander. BUT once again I got complaints from the husband (no surprises here lol). I even questioned myself about posting this recipe, because he hated it so much.But I ate the left overs the next day and I still liked it the next day. I would love  somebody elses opinion on this one.

He didn’t like the honey in it. Um what honey? lol I think he meant the sweetness of the fig. I swear this man thinks he has an allergy to fruit!Continue Reading

Pumpkin and Ricotta Cannelloni

pumpkin canneloni

I love cannelloni actually its just another way for me to eat pasta lol.And I have also packed in the garlic!

I also had to come up with a lot of pumpkin recipes as we had a lot of pumpkins on our vine this year. I have given away plenty of pumpkins to my family. But I love pumpkin. And its just so versatile. It can be used in sweet and savoury dishes. Continue Reading

Chicken and Vegetable Soup

chicken and vegetable soup

A hearty soup would have to be the best way to get veggies in your diet without noticing. This yummy soup is packed with veggies, even the ones I hate, and I can’t even tell. And when you make a big batch of soup like this its great to take to work for lunch the next day. Well thats what I do, I always take the left overs to work for lunch. A quick zap in the microwave and lunch is done. And your saving money too. A cafe lunch is just too expensive to have everyday at work. Continue Reading

Preserved lemon Potato Salad

potato salad

This is a potato salad served dissected really lol. It looks pretty until its all mixed together. So this is just a pretty way of serving potato salad. This is one of the recipes I come across while looking for things to cook with my recently made preserved lemons. I got my inspiration from the one and only Martha Stewart, mine is the lazy version.

Well not lazy, I just cannot for the life of me make my own mayo or aioli. I’ve tried a gazillion times and Im done wasting egg yolks. I’ve watched youtube tutorials and everything, and I just can not do it. So mine is served with a jazzed up store bought mayo lol. Which is what I always do with any type of potato salad I make anyway. Continue Reading

Tandoori Chicken Wraps

tandoori chicken wraps


These are so yummy and healthy. But honestly you wont even notice your eating healthy. Although my husband did ask where the cheese was. ARRRHHHH. Yes if its a wrap, burger or sandwich, its just not complete without cheese as far as he is concerned lol.

Now I love my cheese, but this does NOT have cheese on it. Unless your my husband, who, YES put cheese on his tandoori chicken wrap. I think you get that little bit of creaminess from your tzatziki. It adds such a cool and refreshing flavour next to the tandoori chicken.Continue Reading

Herb and Garlic Pita Chips

lebanese bread chips

Quick healthy AND tasty alternative to crackers. These take about 15 minutes and while their in the oven you can whip up a pot of fresh tzatziki to dip them in. Yes you will have serious garlic breath between the two, but who cares about that. You will only need 4 ingredients for these chips, pita bread, olive oil, garlic powder, and mixed herbs, they are that simple. But I have included the recipe for  tzatziki also because they just go well together.Continue Reading