My Monster Recipes

charli alexander

Hello and welcome to my monster recipes. My name is Renae and I’m a busy mum who loves to cook.

This is my baby girl, Charli, who obviously loves to eat lol. At the moment I use my husband as my food critic, but I’m sure little Charli will be giving her opinion of my cooking soon enough. At the moment she will eat just about anything, and I’m hoping that doesn’t change. I eat just about anything, which makes it easy not having to cater to different taste buds in the house. But even when I do get complaints my general answer is ‘ if you dont like it cook your own dinner’ .

With most of my recipes you will get two very different opinions lol. My own opinion and then my husbands opinion. Hay everybody has different opinions of food and flavours. So its good to get two peoples opinions before you even think about cooking it. You will notice my husband is not a big fan of vegan or vegetarian or fruit OR ANYTHING even slightly healthy lol. I think I’ve seen him eat maybe 5 apples in the 16 years we have been together (no other fruit at all) and he peels them… I kid you not! Although he will have the occasional mango smoothie or glass of orange juice, thats as close to fruit as he gets. When I’m cooking any type of salad and he walks through the kitchen and notices that i’m making salad, he sings that silly song of the Simpsons ‘ You Don’t Make Friends With Salad’ lol….Yes this grown man sings this song all the time. And I like to vegetarian a few nights a week so his always asking where is his meat? BLAH BLAH BLAH…As you can see I don’t really take notice lol.

I would also like to add a garden section as Im going to have a go at growing a little more of my own fruit and vegetables. Some things are so easy to grow and are so expensive to buy. Plus I have to room for a little veggie patch. So Im going to give it a go. I will keep you posted on hints and tips and my own personal success (or failures lol) stories.

Actually you may may see all sorts of random stuff pop up once I get more time as I love all things creative. Hay Im a Gemini, I cant sit still. Ive always got a million project on the go. I love DIY, art, craft, cooking, cake decorating, hair, beauty, nails, makeup the list is endless.

I just love to keep busy and create beautiful things, Like this beautiful little gem.

charli alexander