Cacao, Fruit and Nut Balls

fruit and nut treats

These are amazing tasting healthy treats. You just cant stop at one!

I actually cant stop eating them. I’m not a huge fan of dried fruit or trail mix but this mix blended up is just perfect. They are a perfect chewy, chocolatey treat. They also taste awesome chopped up and stirred through greek yoghurt, YUM.

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Brown Sugar & Berry Swirl Ice Cream

homemade ice cream recipes

This ice cream is so yummy. Definitely worth the effort. As I know some people would never dream of making their own ice cream, and inform me that Im nuts for making my own lol. They just couldn’t imagine why on earth I would bother lol. So this is the reason I started with WORTH THE EFFORT lol.  I’m not a huge raspberry fan so next time I make this Im going to use strawberries as I prefer strawberries. Oh and strawberries are sooo much cheaper too, another good reason to swap to strawberries

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Vanilla Slice

vanilla slice

An absolute favourite of mine is vanilla slice. And this is really nice and simple recipe. I got this recipe from one of my favourite cooking mags, super food ideas. I changed it just slightly to suit myself, which is what I like to do with most recipes.  But who doesn’t. Continue Reading

Ricotta Cookies with Vanilla Bean Glaze

ricotta cookies


Once again these cookies were baked because of my food waste hate. I had left over ricotta because I bought way too much. So when I went in search of ricotta recipes this one kept popping up a lot, on many different sites. So I thought they must be yummy if everyone is baking them.Continue Reading