Spanakopita Pie with Capsicum

spinach pie recipes

This recipe really surprised me, I wasn’t going to cook it as I’m really fussy with spinach dishes because I actually don’t like spinach. Well silverbeet anyway, I actually love baby spinach in all my salads.

The best may to describe the taste of silverbeet would be DIRT. lol I hate the stuff. But it is really good for you, so I was really happy to find this recipe and LOVE IT!

This pie has a perfect balance of herbs which takes that silverbeet taste away. Especially the mint, one of my favourite herbs.

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Couscous and Red Kidney Bean Burgers

vegetarian burger recipes

Im always on the hunt for a nice veggie burger in the hopes of converting my unhealthy husband. He eats them but complains while eating lol. He didnt complain too much about this one, which is great. But as I’ve made this vegan friendly I couldn’t post a picture of his burger. Oh yes it was loaded up with cheese, sour cream and sweet chilli sauce (no salad might I add). So he turned my healthy veggie burger into a not so healthy veggie burger. Continue Reading

Tzatziki Dip

cucumber dip

Tzatziki is an amazing tangy dip or sauce that goes so well with so many things. Plus its so simple and healthy. Its so quick to make you wouldnt bother buying it. And when you make it yourself you can change it up a little every now and then. I sometimes put corriander instead of mint or use a combo of both. Ive seen recipes which have added honey, and I think I might try that next actually. But you can add different spices also.Continue Reading

Chicken and Feta Risoni Salad

chicken, feta and pea salad

As a huge mint fan I loved this. Their are a lot of flavours happening, but they all work together. The salty feta and the fresh mint, with a little burst of sweetness from the peas. And this is another really easy one and healthy.Continue Reading