Summer Greens and Freekeh Salad

freekeh salad

A bright fresh salad, perfect for a Summer BBQ. A mix of raw summer salad veggies gives this salad a nice crunch also.

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Coriander and Yoghurt Chicken

marinated chicken recipes

A really easy and fresh summer dish. This amount of spice suits me, but if your feeding kids you might want to leave out the chilli. I also used store bought chapati bread. But if your feeling adventurous why not make your own.

Im not sure how hard chapati bread is to make as i’ve never made my own. It is on my to-do list. (along with a thousand other projects lol)

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Preserved lemon Potato Salad

potato salad

This is a potato salad served dissected really lol. It looks pretty until its all mixed together. So this is just a pretty way of serving potato salad. This is one of the recipes I come across while looking for things to cook with my recently made preserved lemons. I got my inspiration from the one and only Martha Stewart, mine is the lazy version.

Well not lazy, I just cannot for the life of me make my own mayo or aioli. I’ve tried a gazillion times and Im done wasting egg yolks. I’ve watched youtube tutorials and everything, and I just can not do it. So mine is served with a jazzed up store bought mayo lol. Which is what I always do with any type of potato salad I make anyway. Continue Reading