Coriander and Yoghurt Chicken

marinated chicken recipes

A really easy and fresh summer dish. This amount of spice suits me, but if your feeding kids you might want to leave out the chilli. I also used store bought chapati bread. But if your feeling adventurous why not make your own.

Im not sure how hard chapati bread is to make as i’ve never made my own. It is on my to-do list. (along with a thousand other projects lol)

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Lemon Drizzle Cake

lemon cake recipes


Lemon Is one of my favourite flavours, sweet or savoury. I absolutely love lemon season. Even if Im not cooking with lemon, Im happy with lemon in my water.

I ended up with a large amount of lemons given to me this year which was amazing. And I’m not sure what variety of lemon they were but they were the best lemons ever. A really thin skin with not a lot of pith. And the flavour was not as sour as what they normally are. I’m thinking maybe it was a lemonade, Lemon tree. I want one!Continue Reading

Tzatziki Dip

cucumber dip

Tzatziki is an amazing tangy dip or sauce that goes so well with so many things. Plus its so simple and healthy. Its so quick to make you wouldnt bother buying it. And when you make it yourself you can change it up a little every now and then. I sometimes put corriander instead of mint or use a combo of both. Ive seen recipes which have added honey, and I think I might try that next actually. But you can add different spices also.Continue Reading