Parsnip Soup

chorizo recipes

This is the perfect winter warming soup. So versatile to as it can suit everyons diet. Just take off the chorizo and yoghurt for the vegans in the house.

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Chermoula Prawns

chermoula prawns recipe

Look at all that flavour! These yummy prawns are coated in herbs and spices and are absolutely delicious!

I’m not a huge seafood fan, but these are so easy and tasty.  Actually my husband is the same. Not a big seafood lover, but really loved these prawns.

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Pumpkin, Fig and Chickpea Salad

pumpkin recipes

This is a really filling salad. And its also a sweet salad which I loved. Im a fan of figs and they were a really nice combination of flavours with the spices and coriander. BUT once again I got complaints from the husband (no surprises here lol). I even questioned myself about posting this recipe, because he hated it so much.But I ate the left overs the next day and I still liked it the next day. I would love  somebody elses opinion on this one.

He didn’t like the honey in it. Um what honey? lol I think he meant the sweetness of the fig. I swear this man thinks he has an allergy to fruit!Continue Reading

Cashew and Coconut Chicken Curry

chicken curry recipe

I really loved this curry and no complaints with the husband neither. It was not too hot, I’m not a lover of too much heat. This was perfect for me. A really nice spice mix, and the baby spinach was a nice texture through the curry. It also adds that little bit of veg that we all need. You could cut the spinach up a little if you like to hide it a little more.Continue Reading

Chicken and Apricot Hot Pot




This is great winter dish, very similar to apricot chicken. Its not quite as sweet as traditional apricot chicken, and has a few more veggies added which is always a plus. So it doubles as a good veggie hider, always a good thing in our house. I even hate carrots but I cant even taste them in this. I think its the sweetness of the apricots that hides it so well. I’ve always been an apricot chicken fan, i love that sweet sauce. But I was watching Master Chef the other night and the challenge was to reinvent apricot chicken because of this dreaded gluggy sauce. WHAT….. I’m a lover of this gluggy sauce. I had no idea what they were talking about. Pffft, but I’m not a chef.Continue Reading