Cottage Pie Potatoes

cottage pie potato recipe

Delicious winter food….I love mashed potato and cheese, the perfect combo. Not so great for the waistline…

We only have a family of 3 so with the leftover mince its just perfect on toast for breakfast the next morning.

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Chicken and Vegetable Soup

chicken and vegetable soup

A hearty soup would have to be the best way to get veggies in your diet without noticing. This yummy soup is packed with veggies, even the ones I hate, and I can’t even tell. And when you make a big batch of soup like this its great to take to work for lunch the next day. Well thats what I do, I always take the left overs to work for lunch. A quick zap in the microwave and lunch is done. And your saving money too. A cafe lunch is just too expensive to have everyday at work. Continue Reading

Mustard and Orange Pork

sweet potato mash

This is a simple and healthy dish. I’m not a huge fan of carrots so having them mashed with the sweet potato I can eat them without even realizing. I’ve served ours with raw baby spinach leaves with extra sauce drizzled over the top, but you could also serve yours with steamed green veggies.Continue Reading

Beef and Beer Hotpot

beef casserole

I’ve been doing a lot of casseroles and hotpots over winter but when it comes to taking pictures of them its hard to make them look pretty, especially when I’m not a professional photographer or chef lol. Im just a mum who loves to cook. But I’m learning how to make things look prettier, slowly lol. And having fun doing so. This one was tasty and packed with hidden veggies. I’m not a big user of beer in cooking because I dont even drink it. But it goes well in casseroles. This hotpot was actually nicer the next day, they usually are.

Also this casserole is not too sweet. For those looking for a casserole thats on the less sweet side. Continue Reading

Chicken and Apricot Hot Pot




This is great winter dish, very similar to apricot chicken. Its not quite as sweet as traditional apricot chicken, and has a few more veggies added which is always a plus. So it doubles as a good veggie hider, always a good thing in our house. I even hate carrots but I cant even taste them in this. I think its the sweetness of the apricots that hides it so well. I’ve always been an apricot chicken fan, i love that sweet sauce. But I was watching Master Chef the other night and the challenge was to reinvent apricot chicken because of this dreaded gluggy sauce. WHAT….. I’m a lover of this gluggy sauce. I had no idea what they were talking about. Pffft, but I’m not a chef.Continue Reading